Your online account gives you full access to real-time detailed call logs, the ability to add/delete sub-accounts, change PINs, edit credit card information and much more.Tel3Advantage’s system allows PIN-free dialing as our system recognizes the ANI (caller-id) of up to 10 phone numbers (Instant Access Numbers) you register with us, so you never have to enter a pin to make a long distance call.Use from any phone- home, cell or payphone to get the lowest international rates. International rates start as low as 2.9 cents.All you have to do is dial our access number without having to switch your existing long distance or wireless provider
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Student calling card

Most students away from home wish to keep in touch with their friends and family, unfortunately they do not have a lot of time to research the market of calling cards and usually purchasing calling cards or long distance service from vending machines or based on a friend's advice, or just through habit; "my parents use this company, so they must be okay?..." No...not okay! These calling cards and long distance services might look like a good deal initially, especially if you have no interest or motivation in reading the 'fineprint'.

We offer long distance service specilfically designed for can be used from your cell phone, from campus phones, even from pay phones (in a pinch, because the FCC charges a rate for payphones - not our fault!) Our service has local access numbers on most college campuses all over the US and Canada.

The smart, educated choice for students is Without any additional effort from you, using our long distance service will save you 50%-90% on long distance...both on domestic calls and international calls. Even if you have current long distance service with another company, you have a cell phone or dorm can still save money with without changing anything.

Our long distance rates are as low as 1.9 ¢/min with no additional fees or taxes, automatic recharge, pinless dialing, online account management, and one-minute rounding. For foreighn students studying in North America, we keep international rates lower than most providers on the market.

Additionally, for international student associations, we offer the potential for fundraising by promoting our service to their members.

Consider this: for $25, you get almost 1700 (1696) minutes inside the US and Canada, plus an additional 380 minutes as a bonus if you sign up now!)

Besides offering the best rates for international and domestic long-distance, we're offering you the convenience of:

  • Make International Calls from your cell phone while you're out and about, or between classes, without dialing long, difficult to memorize, PIN codes.
  • Use your unlimited night & weekend minutes to make international calls
  • Make Calls from your dorm phone when you are at home, saving more
  • No pin to dial or buying any more calling cards
  • NO hidden fees or charges
  • Tel3 cards never run out of money in the middle of a call (automatic recharge)
  • Monitor all calls and billing online
  • You decide the maximum limit you wish to spend and set this upper boundary online or on the phone, so you don't bust that delicate student budget.

Call anyone, anywhere in the US and Canada for 1.9¢/minute, anywhere else for pocket change and with the benefit and peace of mind of ABSOLUTELY no fees, no surcharges, no connection fees, no taxes, no miscellaneous garbage...and...need we repeat(?)... no PINs.

Popular destinations: Caribbean, India, China, Ukraine Canada, United Kingdom

DISCLAIMER: offer a Tel3advantage SMART RECHARGEABLE CALLING CARD that COMBINES the convenience of a long distance service with the CHEAP RATES of an international calling card, without the hassle of switching long distance service or the hidden charges associated with typical prepaid Calling Cards as authorized independent agent. Government mandated taxes and fees may apply. Additional charges may apply for calls made using toll free number from Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan and Canada. Calls originating from a payphone are subject to FCC mandated payphone fee. No access fees surcharges or any hidden fees. A valid credit card is necessary to acquire service. U.S. and Canada territory only. Valid credit card required for signup.

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