Your online account gives you full access to real-time detailed call logs, the ability to add/delete sub-accounts, change PINs, edit credit card information and much more.Tel3Advantage’s system allows PIN-free dialing as our system recognizes the ANI (caller-id) of up to 10 phone numbers (Instant Access Numbers) you register with us, so you never have to enter a pin to make a long distance call.Use from any phone- home, cell or payphone to get the lowest international rates. International rates start as low as 2.9 cents.All you have to do is dial our access number without having to switch your existing long distance or wireless provider
Revolutionary Long distance service

What is the TEL3Advantage flex plan?
This plan allows callers to take advantage of the lowest rates available for domestic and international calls. There is absolutely no monthly charges or fees of any kind. You can call over 200 countries worldwide for rates less than 10¢/minute (Local Access). And if you sign up now we are offering up to 380 free minutes! (Local Access)

The TEL3Advantage FLEX plan for residential callers
The FLEX plan offers the lowest rates for international and domestic long-distance calls with no monthly fee. This means you don't have to enroll in a binding long-distance contract with your telephone carrier and can save by not paying any expensive monthly charges. Also if you're one of those people that tries to save by making long-distance calls from their cell phone at home, you can save your minutes by making long-distance calls from your home at unimaginably low rates. If you've tried to save in the past by using phone cards look no further for a solution for your calling needs. The TEL3Advantage FLEX plan offers even cheaper rates than phone cards without the hassle of PINs, hidden fees, and cards running out in the middle of a call.

How does the TEL3Advantage FLEX plan help me save on calls from my cell phone?
The FLEX plan is the only way you should be making international calls from your cell phone. Most cell phones plans do not allow you to call internationally, and those that do can't match our rates. See for yourself with TEL3Advantage you can reach over 200 countries from your cell phone at unbelievably low rates starting at 1.9 ¢/minute with Local Access. And if you call at off-peak hours when your minutes are free you can save more than 80% on your international calls.

Besides offering the best rates for international and domestic long-distance, we're offering you convenience:

  • Make International Calls from your cell phone while you travel
  • Use your unlimited nights & weekend minutes to make international calls
  • No pin to dial or buying any more calling cards
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Tel3 cards never run out of money in the middle of a call
  • Monitor call usage and billing online

TEL3Advantage FLEX plan for small businesses
If you're a small business owner the TEL3Advantage FLEX plan can help you save on all of your calling, in-state, state-to-state, or internationally. You can enroll all the telephones in your company into one account or open several sub-accounts counts to take advantage of our incredible rates. You can not only save but also consolidate your bills in an easy to manage on-line account. Further, if your work requires travel, your TEL3Advantage FLEX plan is portable and can be used from any phone anywhere in the country so your savings travel with you.

The TEL3Advantage FLEX plan for domestic callers
Our rate of 1.9¢/ minute for all state-to-state and in-state calls is less than what nearly all major telecommunication companies offer and we have no monthly charges (Local Access). Switching to the TEL3Advantage FLEX plan can save you up to 80% on your phone bill. Forget about phone cards with their PINs and hidden charges, and flex your savings with TEL3.

The TEL3Advantage FLEX plan for international callers
This amazing plan offers the lowest available rates to over 200 countries with no monthly charges. Our rates start as low as 1.9¢/minute and over 100 countries can be reached for less than a dime a minute (Local Access). There is no cheaper way to call around the world. We have no monthly charges and if you join in now you get up to 380 free bonus minutes! (Local Access)

Call anyone, anywhere in the US for 1.9¢/minute, with no monthly fees or PINs. (Local Access)

DISCLAIMER: offer a Tel3advantage SMART RECHARGEABLE CALLING CARD that COMBINES the convenience of a long distance service with the CHEAP RATES of an international calling card, without the hassle of switching long distance service or the hidden charges associated with typical prepaid Calling Cards as authorized independent agent. Government mandated taxes and fees may apply. Additional charges may apply for calls made using toll free number from Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan and Canada. Calls originating from a payphone are subject to FCC mandated payphone fee. No access fees surcharges or any hidden fees. A valid credit card is necessary to acquire service. U.S. and Canada territory only. Valid credit card required for signup.

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